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Jamie Labar

My artistic pursuits began at a young age, by my 6th year, private lessons provided me with the opportunity to learn color mixing, landscape. Delightfully engaged in the enjoyments of painterly life - the smells of oil paint and turpentine, the swooshing sound of brushes on canvas, the sticky pattering of dabbing in paint,- seeing my ideas and emotions come to life on canvas. My experiences in those years would stay with me long after my much encouraged detour toward more "practical pursuits".

Longing for a break from the dreariness of the business school, I began painting again, fueled by the knowledge that artistic endeavors, and not number crunching would provide me sanity, refuge, joy and expression. My specific turning point came one day, when drowning in the study of accounting, leapt from my dining chair, grabbed the nearest paints, and began what became a mural eventually covering five walls. The process to painting this mural imbued many enduring friendships, provided a re-awakineing of my self awareness, and made me accept my true purpose.

Part of a raggedy group, a funky band of creatives in those college days, we painted everything in sight, strung giant sculptural installations in trees, wove oversized string art, and generally immersed ourselves in artistic experimentation.

After graduating with my "practical degree", I experimented with sculpture and sculptural furnishings, painting on various surfaces: leather, grass cloth, canvas, enrolled in private drawing lessons, and studied stacks of library books, emulating master works on paper with alternative materials in my own style. The sculpture, furnishings and paintings were exhibited in Dallas and in otherTexas cities. One particular exhibit, titled Industrial Man, featured an "electrified" chair, satirizing humankinds lack of humanity and kindness, and our industrial expedience.

In 1995, I decided to pursue painting full time, and to focus my direction on purely abstract expression. exploring the spiritual and sensual nature of life.

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